About RBM

Film and Social Media

Since 2009

Founded in 2009, Really Bright Media is a London-based boutique media agency known for excellence in the fields of film production and social media.

Offering a unique blend of creativity, technical expertise and business development principles, RBM has helped many companies showcase their brand effectively and connect meaningfully with their audience online.

Really Bright Media’s distinctive speciality is their expertise for film making and social media marketing – in partnership. We know that people will (more often that not) prefer to watch a film over reading or even listening. Watching is a complete experience where the viewer becomes immersed in your world for a few moments. It’s essential that businesses harness the immense power of film for their online efforts. In turn, if you make a film, you need the communication tool of social media to share it out to a network. Of course, it goes without saying that social media is vital to all businesses and central to commerce today. It must be done right.

Really Bright Media is known for making their clients look amazing online through standout social media profiles and impacting films. It’s no surprise that RBM leaves people feeling… really bright!


Our mission is to create remarkable experiences for our film audiences and to greatly improve and connect our client’s businesses and brands through the effective use of social media as a tool. We are known for making our clients look amazing online through standout social media profiles and impacting films. We leave people feeling really bright in more ways than one!


We believe film is the most powerful medium to express stories and ideas. Through the skillful crafting of music, images, words, sounds and creativity, film is able to touch an inspire people in amazing ways. Everyone has a story to tell. Access to cutting edge technologies and medias allows people to connect with their unique audience and should be utilised to their full potential.


We love what we do. We believe in a personal and collaborative approach to our projects. We enjoy getting to know our client’s businesses and their aims. We strive to empower our clients and equip them with the necessary skills so that they can confidently work independently on their online presence. We create a relaxed, creative, fun and often exciting atmosphere!



Our History

RBM started out helping companies set up socially online at a time where pressure was high for business owners to ‘get with it’ . The Social Media Launch Package was the most in-demand service for at least two years! Over that time, RBM worked with businesses in diverse industries; from hospitality and luxury accommodation to medical supplies and accounting! The RBM team certainly developed keen skills to enhance the points of difference in those brands to ensure they were noticed online.

As the social media space developed so did Really Bright Media’s passion for film making. It was clear that the valuable medium of film could not be neglected in a quality integrated social media strategy. There was a gap. Some people were making nice videos but lacked the right promotion through social media. They looked good but had no business or social strategy to underpin their production. On the other hand, many people were rapidly launching online but were leaving out possibly the most important element: film. RBM’s focus was to marry the two and they have had great success with their clients ever since.

Today RBM passionately continues to produce stunning and purposeful films and dynamic social media presences for their clients. You can also find them working on creative projects, collaborating with musicians, actors and dancers.