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Posted: September 4, 2013
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Sell Your Training Course Online

The internet has allowed information to be shared in a way that wasn’t possible 10 years ago. Today one can learn all they need to know about any topic or skill online – and even gain credible qualifications from the comfort of their own home with a laptop!

Here at Really Bright Media we have been impressed by an online learning platform, ‘’. Over the past few weeks we have been working on an exciting project for a client, using the Udemy site to launch their first online training course.

Udemy is an online platform that allows instructors to build online courses on topics of their choosing. They can upload video, PowerPoint presentations, PDF’s, audios, zip files and live classes to create the lectures which will make up their curriculum. As the instructor, you have the power to select how much you want to charge for your course, and you can also make it free if you wish. In general, course prices range between $30 – $150.

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Some of the most popular courses on Udemy include a ‘Photoshop CS6 Crash Course’ (3,700 students currently signed up to this $40 course!), a ‘Young Adult Fiction Writing Workshop’ (priced at $199 and currently with 416 students) and ‘Sleep Hacking: Have More Energy, Spend Less Time in Bed’ (priced at $49 with 1,300 students).

Do you have a training course that you could productise? Are there elements of your business which could be broken down into sections and shared as online lectures? Thanks to platforms like Udemy it is now affordable to disseminate your expertise to a global audience who can pay to take your course and gain the knowledge that you have to share.

If you have an inkling that this is something you would be interested in looking into for your business, please speak to us about the possibility of helping you script, film, edit, produce and set up your very own online learning course!


Posted: February 13, 2012
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‘Creative’ VS ‘Corporate’ Films

There are connotations around the phrase ‘corporate video’. It evokes images of someone rambling, monotonously to camera. It goes on too long. Perhaps the odd blue-themed slide is thrown in to break it up. Boring!!

Then when you think of a creative film, it’s all the fun stuff: colours, interesting shots, music, it’s engaging and fun to watch and it tells a story.

My question is: why do the two have to be separate?!

At Really Bright Media make lots of films for business purposes, but they are never boring! We approach every film as a creative one.

Here are three tips you can start implementing right away to make your business or corporate films more engaging, effective and enjoyable:

1. Setting: Pick a fantastic location that is visually interesting to look at. Something that can include lovely depth of field, colours and sets the scene well. Remember a picture tells a thousand words. So if you’re a top business coach, why not conduct your film in a striking library, or an art gallery, or on location at one of your client’s premises. Choose a location that will allow you to include interesting cut away shots.

2. Length: Keep it succinct. Get your message across in easily absorbed points and use the visual aspect to convey a mood rather than spelling everything out word for word. For example, if you sell holidays, you’re selling an experience. In thirty seconds, the imagery and music will tell your audience a story about that experience much more than three minutes of talking.

3. Music: Choose appropriate music to set the scene. Stay away from those sterile ‘business’ tunes. You can find lots of quality royalty free tracks online at affordable costs. Have fun listening through some and choose a track that compliments your message. You’d be surprised how the right music just brings a film to life.

Make films that are exciting….


Posted: January 9, 2012
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Prepare for DVD Product Creation

Many businesses and entrepreneurs are interested in producing a DVD product.

For information on the value of having a DVD product, take a look at Daniel Priestley speaking on products as part of the Key Person of Influence program. (For even more information, there are also some great YouTube videos by Darren Shirlaw on the same topic).

Most people would agree that having products within a business is a great asset. So why don’t more people do it? Sometimes the barrier to entry is the technical aspects and costs associated with producing a DVD product.

Here are some tips on making the process easier. There are practical factors to consider up front that will make the whole DVD production process more smooth and cost effective:

1. What style of DVD do you want to produce?
- Direct to camera tutorial
- Capturing an event
- Presenting to an audience (you can even mock up a set to make it look like you were presenting to a live audience, if you want the freedom of several takes)
- Documentary style
- Interview style
- Module style

2. What location will you film in?
- A studio
- Your workspace
- An event stage
- Outdoors
- A hotel meeting room
- A private members club
Your location will also determine the type of equipment required (especially the lighting kit).

3. Scripting
Will you need a teleprompter or will you memorise your content?
Will you rehearse with your participants beforehand?
Will you script yourself, with your team or use a copywriter?

4. How many cameras and angles do you want to use?
- One camera: direct to camera piece (talking head or mid tracking shot whilst presenting on stage)
- Two cameras: a mid and a close up from two angles
- Three cameras: a wide, a mid and a close up from different angles
- Four cameras: as above plus a camera capturing cut aways (eg. audience reactions)
- Five cameras plus: for large events capturing different moments as they happen

5. What extra materials would you like to include?
- Jpegs
- Slides
- Testimonials from others
- Logos
- Music

6. How will people view your finished DVDs?
- Hard copy: You will need to consider authoring and encoding, DVD menu, artwork and duplication
- Online only: For download, streaming, lead capture

7. Who will you work with?
Of course, working on the project with an experienced production team should ensure the process is fun and that you end up with an excellent finished result. You may want someone to handle the whole process or you may want to work on components yourself… But here is the most important tip: Be creative on costs, but don’t cut corners. Invest into creating a quality product especially if you will be selling it. Do it right up front and avoid costly mistakes.

By having a handle on these factors up front, you will feel more confident and prepared as you embark on your DVD production. Good luck!


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