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Over the past few weeks, the Really Bright Media Film Collective has been working on a short film entry for the Reed Short Film Competition 2012. The rules dictated the film had to be three minutes maximum in length and based on the theme, ‘The Boss’.

Our Film Collective produces a short film every week. For this project, we spent one week working on the concept and script, one week for pre-production and one week for filming and post production.

Here is the finished result:

Thank you to everyone involved!

The Really Bright Media Film Collective brings together creatives from different disciplines of film making (including actors, writers, directors, producers, cinematographers, editors, sound engineers, costumer, hair and make up, music composers, animators, runners, etc). Producing a short film every week, the collective’s focus is output and collaboration with other creatives. You can see other short films here:

DOP Andy with Writer/ Director Nick, working on #BossesArePeopleToo:


Posted: February 7, 2012
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RBM Film Collective

At the start of 2012, Justine Priestley, founder of RBM decided to set a challenge: to release a short film every single week.

The RBM Film Collective was born. It is a not-for-profit collective of up and coming actors, cinematographers, writers, directors, producers, editors, costume designers, hair and makeup artists, animators, sound engineers and anyone who falls into the ‘filmmaker’ category. The creatives come together weekly to collaborate, learn, develop and output.

In the independent film world, creatives have a desire to output work but all too often you have to do everything yourself. And this can be a barrier to entry. It is annoying for the cinematographer who just wants to capture the perfect shot, but hates directing actors. It is a challenge for the writer who just wants to see their work made into a film, but doesn’t own camera gear or finds producing stressful (who doesn’t?!). It’s not fun for the budding director to be forced to write scripts if he or she is not that way inclined.

So, the Film Collective is designed so that each creative only participates in the role that they desire to develop. On Mondays the writers (and often, the actors) come together to brainstorm a script and to get it written. On Tuesdays the DP, director, actors, hair and makeup, costuming and other crew come together to shoot. On Wednesdays the footage goes to the editor and by the weekend, we have a finished film… and it gets release on YouTube.

Now, we’re not talking complex, major films here… but vignettes, scenes, short stories that can be easily outworked, captured and shared.

At the time of writing (second week of February 2012), so far the RBMFC has output seven short films. So far, so good! We invite you to track the progress of the Film Collective over the year.

The lovely thing about the Collective is that every week is different. Each person brings their own flavour and ideas to the group, so you never know what will come up! We expect to see all types of genres and styles throughout the year.

If you would like to put any filmmakers in touch with us, please do! They must be positive and enthusiastic about creating their own work, love being part of a collaboration and be happy to operate at pace!

Here is one of our recent clips: