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Posted: December 10, 2011
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Ghost Of Gone Birds Exhibition

Last month we were commissioned by one of our clients Brockmans Gin to produce a film of an art exhibition hosted by creative agency Good Pilot. The theme of the exhibition was ‘Ghost of Gone Birds’ where over 250 artists created pieces built around birds that are now extinct. This is a brilliant example of how awareness can be brought to a cause powerfully through creativity. It was a real pleasure to produce this film and Im sure you can see why!


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Posted: December 8, 2011
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Work Notes from the Production of ‘The Architect’ Trailer

Last weekend RBM had a film shoot for ‘The Architect’ trailer. A taster video for a trilogy of novels written by Charles Bancroft. We couldn’t have asked for better weather in London, and due to thorough pre-production planning, the day went off without a hitch.

The bulk of our film work is with entrepreneurs and businesses: we film intro videos, vox pops, interviews, event highlights, round table discussions, case studies, testimonials, product videos, promos and more… SO it was a really different and creative project to undertake the production of a book trailer.

Some debrief notes from the shoot and the pre-production…

Scripting: The author and I spent much time pulling out the main elements of the book; the most interesting moments that we could capture in snippets for our trailer. We wanted to convey the characters; some of the plot and storylines; themes such as adventure, romance, and mystery; and of course, to show off London, where the book is set.

Elements to be organised: Actors, locations, crew, make up, costumes, props… and the most important factor: a shooting schedule with accompanying storyboard. A LOT of thought, time, emails, calls, meetings and effort went into covering all the bases for the shoot. Although it was a relatively small-scale, we had a lot to cover in one day of filming. Because we’re limited with daylight at this time of year, we couldn’t afford to blow out our timings.

My favourite moment of the day: Watching Simon James Morgan playing lead character, Rob Gilbert, walking slow-motion through Tottenham Court Road. This shot will be a part of a sequence where everything gets sped up in editing. He will then be walking in normal speed, but everything around him will be whirling!

Here are some photos of behind the scenes during the shoot. Thanks to all involved. I can’t wait to show off the finished film! – Justine