It’s all in the idea!

Every project starts with two things; a goal and an idea. Although many of our clients have both of these figured out when they approach us, others would like to develop them together. We’re happy either way.

We use our experience working across many different genres and styles to come up with concepts that are perfect for our clients’ needs. Our creative team works closely with our clients to develop interesting treatments and scripts that will not only represent the subject in an excellent way, but will also be an effective tool in achieving the goals of the project.


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Let us take care of everything.

Every production comes with its own unique challenges and there can be many moving parts to even the smallest of projects. In any case, we pride ourselves on operating smooth and efficient productions by carefully planning and organising the details, so that the experience is positive for everyone involved.

We take care of areas that include: logistics, locations, casting, crew, equipment, hair and make-up, costume, styling, art direction, budgets, catering, VIP services, and more.

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Lights, camera, action!

The shoot is the most fun, creative and critical element of film production. We work on projects big and small from a one-man, one-camera shoot, to a production with a crew of over 30 people and all of the equipment known to man. No matter the size of the project, it is essential to use a highly skilled crew and the highest standard of equipment in order to consistently achieve quality results.

Professionalism and preparation is key to a smooth operation, especially when dealing with VIPs, CEOs or working to a tight deadline.



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Now it’s time to create the finished product.

We complete all post-production in-house at our studio in Hackney, which makes the entire process very convenient for our clients. Our talented team of post-production specialists work together to craft impressive films. We also collaborate closely with our clients to ensure they are involved every step of the way.

We leave our clients feeling thrilled and proud of the film that has been created, and build long-lasting, fruitful relationships where we work together again and again.

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